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Feb. 11th, 2009

orinoco77: (Default)

Do Amazon review their reviews? It's just I know some people have written reviews, but they're not showing up on the site, nor are they showing up on Play as far as I can see. Oh well. If anyone wants to review it on Lulu, that might help too. I've recently ordered a few copies that I can give to people in person, but I think most of you will still be better off getting it from Amazon or Play or your usual online book store.

The Lulu page is: http://www.lulu.com/content/298829 in case you want it.

In other news, it appears Sir Parsley is outselling some editions of Arthur C Clarke's 2001 by several orders of magnitude, which rocks!

orinoco77: (Default)

Thanks to all of you who've posted on blogs, forums etc and generally pimped http://www.booksforbricks.com, it's now got 97 unique referring sites, which I think is pretty good!

orinoco77: (Default)

I've just contacted the BBC with the books for bricks story. I sent the same email to both Northwest Tonight and the local news page on bbc.co.uk. Hopefully someone there will pick it up as well. I know it's not as titilating as reading about who shot who in Manchester recently, but you never know...

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