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I'm still trying to find ways to publicise the book (and now the website). I've just sent an email to Chris Evans at Radio 2, on the basis that you don't get anywhere by being timid. I'm also strongly considering trying to hack my way into Stephen Fry's awareness on Twitter, in that he has more followers than God, is likely to appreciate the sentiment of what I'm trying to do and if I'm honest, is someone I'd rather like to be on speaking terms with. Onward and upward!

In other news, the Amazon sales rank for the book seems to be falling again after reaching a peak around 5,008. Hopefully the publicity from the paper will give it a nudge again, and if I manage to get any radio exposure at all, it should rocket. Lord knows what would happen if I did actually get Mr Fry's ear...

News of the site does seem to have escaped the LJ/Twitter event horizon now and we're getting donations (and presumably book sales, though these are much harder to track) from people all over the world, so thank you to everyone who's helped so far, especially those of you who are involved with the website. This is more than I ever expected, but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop now...

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