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I seem to have accidentally done something rather cool. I got the email to tell me my new Bytemark hosting was set up this morning, and promptly dived in to set some stuff installing. I threw on the usual LAMP stack for the hosting requirements I already had, then told it to go get Mono, because I figured with an up to date Ubuntu distro I might stand a chance of hosting some .NET scheduled apps or daemons up there. I ended up with mod_mono installed as well, so I decided to test it. One quick demo app later and it turns out I can now host ASP.NET on the new box as well as PHP. Result! It's by no means as quick as PHP (though that might be subject to optimisation, I don't know yet), but it definitely works. If it works well enough I might just cancel the windows hosting I'd set up for the Sequoia projects and go with my own hosting. The Sequoia Solutions website will soon feature a blog where I'll try to put some interesting content up about once a week. I think I'll be doing a write up of the steps involved in getting this working for a start.

Bear in mind, this was done almost entirely unintentionally and took no more than 10 minutes from start to finish. I think that's pretty good for getting a working ASP.NET environment going, regardless of what the host OS is!

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