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Under the cut is the first few paragraphs of a new Doctor Who story I'm writing. Basically, I'm asking if it's worth continuing. I've no idea how long it will be, could be anything from short story to novella. Here's the taster, for your delectation:

Mrs Daisy had tea. She always had tea. Perfectly clear, insubstantial, make-believe tea, from Janie's child-sized tea service. Janie poured it carefully, so as not to spill a drop. Mrs Daisy smiled, but that wasn't unusual, her smile was sewn on after all.

Janie's nursery was strewn with toys of all shapes and sizes, but the ones she liked the best were all crowded around the little plastic table, being served imaginary tea by their host. Her brother's rubber dinosaur lounged incongruously next to a large teddy bear, and Mrs Daisy, the rag doll, was leaning precariously out of the stool opposite, her head on the shoulder of Orgon, defender of Manjor (another of her brother's toys).

“Hello? Can anyone hear me?” The voice came from the speaker embedded in Mr Snuggles' belly. Mr Snuggles was the aforementioned teddy bear, and not given to such vocal dexterity.

“Be quiet, Mr Snuggles,” said Janie, “You've been talking entirely too much recently.” Janie was a precocious child, though only five, she was firmly in command of her toys and ruled them with a chubby iron fist.

“Well, possibly, yes.” Said the teddy bear, “But you see, I'm not actually Mr Snuggles.”

“Don't be silly, Mr Snuggles,” said Janie. “Just be quiet and drink your tea, or I'll put you in prison!” Janie was nothing if not firm.

“Erm, yes, well, I'm sure that'll be lovely, but you see, I'm the Doctor, and I need your help.”
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