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Following on from the snippet posted here, this is another chunk of the same story. I'm writing two at once at the moment, so you may get snippets of something set in mediaeval France too.


It took just fifteen seconds for the TARDIS to disintegrate. It had been a terrible miscalculation, the Doctor had to admit, but the consequences were far beyond what even he could have imagined. Hurtling through the space time vortex, a tiny almost imperceptible crack had formed in the TARDIS' hard outer shell, but that wasn't the problem. The problem was that he had ignored it.

Jackie Tyler had sent him away quite peremptorily. She had her daughter back, just for a couple of days, so she felt the Doctor had therefore done his job and, like a tradesman who drinks entirely too much of your tea, she had hurried him out the door barely minutes after they arrived. He didn't mind, he knew how it felt to miss people.

He was just going to take the TARDIS for a spin, he'd told them, give the old girl a nice long run to iron out the kinks. And now he was - what exactly? He didn't really know. The TARDIS had dissolved into the time stream, like a shark being torn apart by piranhas, but he'd dissolved too. Now he seemed to be a part of it. A single thought bobbing in a sea of time. No, not bobbing, he was the sea, and the sea was somehow him. He was everywhere and everywhen, all at once. Even to a Timelord it was quite unnerving. Most unnerving of all however, was the fact that despite having the whole of time and space to inhabit, the only point of access into the universe he had so far managed to find was the electronic voice box of a stuffed bear.


“Can you tell me what year it is?” the Doctor asked, through the medium of Mr Snuggles.

“Silly Mr Snuggles. It's 1973, it's Tuesday, and it's lunchtime. I'm having hoops.” Said Janie.

“Good. Hoops are good, I like hoops.” The Doctor said, “So. 1973, eh? And where are we, exactly?”

“We're in my bedroom! Really, Mr Snuggles, you have to try to keep up!”

“Yes, Janie, but where are we on the planet? Do you know?”

“Were at 32 Sycamore Road.” Said Janie, helpfully.

“And where's that?”

“In London.”

“Alright, and where in London?”

“Islington.” Said Janie. This was a good game. She knew all the answers!

“So, 1973, Islington. Good. Always good to know where your bear is.”
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