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Before we moved
(we're in now, yay!) we had cable. Cable is really simple. There's a cable (as
the name implies) that comes out of the ground and into your house and it
provides you with yummy TV and phone and broadband, all down one nice simple
pipe. Sadly, where we are now they haven't put that nice cable in the ground and
so we're reliant on good old fashioned copper wires and tin cans and string and
suchlike. I called BT to establish a new landline at the house and lo, it was
done. I then went on the hunt for broadband. I settled on Pipex, being as the
others looked like complete tosh and wanted to sell me other services I'm not
remotely interested in at the same time. So I call Pipex, tell them I want to
buy their lovely broadband off them and they say "We'll just check your line". I
wait a moment, and then they say "I'm afraid there's a marker on that line,
you'll have to call some weird department at BT and get it taken off". Right oh,
I think to myself, I'll do that then. So I call this number at BT and they say
"We'll just check your line". I wait another moment and the bored sounding Welsh
lady returns to tell me that there is indeed a marker on this line.
Unfortunately, she says, she can't take it off. It's due to the previous owners
cancelling their broadband and it'll only be clear on the 19th. I have several
questions about this, but frankly I was in danger of being terribly impolite to
said bored Welsh lady so hung up instead.


Why would the
previous owners have cancelled their broadband when, to my knowledge, they
didn't have any broadband whatsoever in the first place?


Why the hell does it
take approximately 17 days (that's a conservative estimate based on when we
moved in, not when they cancelled the broadband, which could have been any time)
to process a cancellation?


Why the hell does
that cancellation preclude me from setting up broadband on that line


Finally, why the
hell can't BT seem to organise themselves sufficiently to manage this mess of
wires they've created with any better lead time than what appears to be at least
3 weeks? Are they, as at least one of you has asserted to me in the past, really
a group of assorted numpties who'd have no more chance of finding their
collective arse with both hands and a map than I'd have of swimming the atlantic
tied to a Ford Cortina full of shark bait?


To say that I am
unimpressed with this turn of events is to take understatement into the realms
of art itself. Is this not the 21st century? Do we, in this 21st century, not
have much funkier and whizzier ways of dealing with things than sitting on our
hands for 21 days (or whatever it turns out to be) while our customers wait for
the magic moment when we do something constructive? All I want is broadband.
Richard Branson can give it to me, providing I live within range of one of his
cables of goodness, in the twinkle of a beardy eye, why can't this shower of
inbred mouth breathers? Why must I wait for some idling, pimply nose-picker to
decide that my line is "good to go"? Why can't said nose-picker *make* my line
"good to go"? It's BT's sodding network after all, shouldn't it be reasonable to
expect them to have *some* control over it?


Appalled in Up

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