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Aug. 28th, 2002

orinoco77: (Default)
Crimeny! I'm seriously knackered. After much fidding with an IRC bot I'm attempting to write, a stint in #speccy and a mini-buffython, I finally collapsed into my nice warm bed at 2am. This is not a good hour for such a collapse, particularly when it leaves you with about 5 hours before you have to be up again. Bah! Tonight I'm going to bed at a sensible hour.

I've got some statistics to forge for the doctor tomorrow. She wants a bunch of bloody peak flow readings, which aside from being totally meaningless, also set off my asthma. What a clever diagnostic tool that is!! I intend to do it a couple of times this evening and then fudge the rest of the readings to fit. In the meantime I'm absorbing steroids at an alarming rate, and my other inhaler apparently contains lactose, which is a sugar, which combined with the steroids certainly isn't going to make me slim and sylphlike. Ever have the feeling you're completely trapped by the NHS? "You will take our crappy medicines which inflate you like a balloon! Mwahahahaha!". Basts. If only Dr. Buteyko's method didn't involve spending half of your life doing breathing excercises. "Why yes, doctor, I do have 5 hours a day to spend doing nothing but breathing in a peculiar way!". Trapped again. Bah! Modern life sucks.

This has been a diatribe brought to you by the letters "B" and "N" and by the number "e"
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